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What file formats and resolutions do you support?

We support PNG, JPG and WEBP files. Our photos can be generated at up to 2k resolution, depending on your plan.

Our generated photos are available in PNG format.

Botika's paid user enjoy and included upscale service according the following:
- If the uploaded image is below 1264 pixels, Botika's engine doesn't upscale it (results can be unreliable due to the low quality of the original photo)
- If the uploaded image is between 1264 and 2048 pixels, Botika's engine preserves the original photo quality.
- If the uploaded image is larger 2048 pixels, Botika's engine scales it back to 2048 pixels (i.e. to 2k, to keep the image weight optimal for usage ecommerce websites without damaging speed and performance).

Updated on: 22/02/2024

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