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Onboarding Tutorial

Hi there! 👋🏻

We're super excited to welcome you onboard the Botika platform

and walk you through the steps of how to create your first project:

Click “Upload a new image” or drag & drop the on-model photos you want to edit anywhere in the browser window. We support PNG, JPEG or WEBP files.

Botika's create page

Click “Next Step”

"Next Step" button

Select the AI model you want to use in your photos and click “Next Step”

Botika's AI generated models gallery

You can choose to replace the background in your original photo with one of Botika’s optimized backgrounds or decide to keep it.

Botika's AI generated backgrounds gallery

Review and confirm your project’s summary. Click “Generate”

Botika's project summary screen

Wait for the upload process to be completed.

You can leave the page running in the background, but please don’t close the browser tab

Project upload process screen

Why does it take up to 10 minutes to deliver a project ?

Your uploaded photos and selected model are grouped into a "project."
Botika's AI engine merges the selected model with the background, preserving crucial details like garment appearance and model pose.
This process ensures a remarkably realistic photo virtually identical to a professional studio shot.
You'll receive an email notification once the project is ready.

Botika's project rendering process

Viewing completed projects

You can view all your projects, their current status and the models you selected for each of them in your account home page.
You can access the project page by clicking on its preview image and view completed photos, even if the entire project isn’t ready yet.
In the project results screen, you can review each photo and easily compare it to its original version.

If all of your projects are still processing, wait for an email from Botika.

Next to each rendered photo you’ll have the option to submit a photo correction request using the “Photo Issue” button.

Submitting photo corrections

We're all about delivering top-notch results using our cutting-edge Generative AI technology. While we always aim for perfection, we get that sometimes things might not go as planned. That's why we're happy to offer an exclusive, complimentary revision and correction service for every generated photo. Our team of experts is on standby to handle any issues you might encounter. Simply click the "Photo Issue" button to access our revision service. Corrections usually get sorted within 1-5 business days, depending on your plan.

Advanced: Up to 1 business day
Pro: Up to 2 business days
Lite: Up to 3 business days
Free: Up to 5 business days

We are continually working to enhance our processes and reduce turnaround times.

After clicking the "Photo Issue" button, you're free to highlight any areas in the photo that require correction, as demonstrated below:

We're continuously enhancing our overall turnaround time and intend to automate all workflows in the near future to significantly reduce turnaround times.

Downloading/Exporting project photos

You can download all the images from a project by clicking “select all” and then the “Download X images” next to it.
You can also select specific photos for download by checking their top right corner and then clicking “Download X Images”.

Unsupported photos

For optimal results, Botika requires the original photo you submit to include a person wearing the clothes presented (i.e., an on-model photo). This ensures hyper-realistic results while maintaining the authenticity of the clothing's appearance.

In certain instances, you may receive "unsupported" feedback messages for submitted photos. These photos will appear greyed out in the project screen, indicating their status.

Unsupported photos won't affect your credit balance; you'll get them back to use with on-model photos.
We're also actively working on supporting other photo formats like flat lays, packshots, mannequin photos and more in the near future.

Updated on: 06/03/2024

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