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Can I use headless/cropped images?

Yes! feel free to upload cropped images and Botika will automatically merge the AI model you chose into your original photo while keeping a natural and super realistic result.

Cropped photo example

In order to get the best results please make sure:

The image crop must end with the model's neck - if there is anything above it in the frame (like a few white pixels, or empty space) the render will not work. Botika’s AI engine needs to see at least the bottom of a neck.
Shoulders and clothing need to be fully visible in the frame for the render to work.
If the model is wearing a mask, hat or any other head gear or facial accessory that is visible in the frame, our AI engine will render the new model with the mentioned artifacts.
In general, we recommend using as little accessories as possible.

Example of a real cropped photo used on the Botika platform

Updated on: 06/03/2024

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